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Supporting you

We recognise that sustainability is important to many of the workplaces that have our Mars Drinks systems and are working hard to provide products that help you have a more sustainable workplace.

A responsible partner

To grow our business while creating mutual benefits for all those involved, we need to ensure our products our sourced, made, used and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Our sustainability goals

In 2010, we set goals against five key milestones we're aiming to achieve and are working hard to fully achieve these by 2015.

“Sustainability is no longer an option for us. We need to open our eyes to what needs to be done to protect the planet for future generations; our customers are asking us to evolve and to become more sustainable.
I am a strong believer that today corporations have the power and the responsibility to bring about change, and we at Mars are committed to pioneering in this area.”
Xavier Unkovic, President, Mars Drinks

Sourcing more sustainably

100% of coffee for our UK ALTERRA® range is sourced from certified sources. We’re aiming to source 100% of Tea & Cocoa from certified sources by 2015.

Developing responsible products

25% reduction in average energy use of FLAVIA® machine base by 2015. All Freshpacks are 100% recyclable by 2015.

Reducing operational impacts

Basingstoke and North America production facilities are already zero waste to landfill sites. 25% reduction in water, energy use and greenhouse gas emission from a 2007 baseline by 2015.

Supporting our customers

Enable access to recycling infrastructure in all our major markets (covering 95% of sales) by 2015. 50% increase in our recycling partner activity (by tonnage) by 2015.

Engaging our associates

All associates are given the opportunity for paid time off to volunteer in their community.

Reducing energy use

The FLAVIA CREATION 400TM has been designed to be one of the most energy efficient on the market*
  • Efficient A+ rating machine
  • Standby mode
  • Water efficient & temperature accuracy
Flavia Series Technology

*Based on testing conducted by an independent research organisation in 2013.

100% of our coffee is independently certified

We work with the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM and UTZ Certified, whose certification programs share our vision.

ALTERRA Coffee by Mars Drinks is committed to improving the lives of farmers, their families and the environment in the communities where our coffee is grown.

Better farming methods can produce better quality products and can help drive higher income and improved standards of living for farmers and their families.

That's why we're proud to offer a 100% certified coffee bean from either Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM or UTZ Certified farms.